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Water Jet Machining
The Cutting Edge of Technology

Introducing our new abrasive water jet machining center!

     Stainless System Service's water jet is capable of cutting simple to intricate shapes from numerous materials and thicknesses. We added our new water jet in 2004 to compliment our products and processes. It is a state of the art, computer controlled machine that incorporates a water re-use system for an environmentally friendly process.
    Stainless System Service is able to help you develop your cutting edge products with speed and accuracy without expensive tooling costs. We are able to develop your product drawings to your specifications for cutting or fabrication by using your existing CAD/DXF blueprint, hard copy, or even hand drawings.
    Many industries are able to benefit from water jet cutting, including Architects, Advertising Companies, Building Contractors, Tile and Stone Contractors, Manufacturing and Glass companies.
    Customized parts for motorcycles, trucks, cars, home floor inlays and even more can be produced.
    Stainless System Service can make a single piece, short runs, or production runs of water jet cutting and metal fabrications.

    Stainless System Service has cutting capabilities up to 8" thick by 10' wide and any length needed.
    Stainless System Service is able to cut any shape no matter how complex.
    Stainless System Service can also do fine inlay work and design your layouts.   

Stainless System Service's water jet is able to hold tolerances to .003 if it is needed

our water jet uses
                            ultra high pressure
  the cutting table

we are able to cut
many different types of materials, a
few of which are; geo stone, glass,
aluminum, plastics, carpet, tile, wood and metals.

The smallest pieces we have successfully created with the Water Jet so far.

    Available materials are; mirror stainless, stainless and aluminum diamond plate, embossed stainless, blue, gold, red  and black mirror stainless shown below
Stainless System Service has stainless sheets 18-gage to 1/2" and up to 6x6" Tubes, 10" Round Tubes, aluminum sheets up to 1/2", stone sheets, UHMW sheets, plastics. We can order various hardwoods, and copper. If there is a material you want, we can get it within a few days.
If you have your own materials, you can bring them to us as long as they are Clean and Flat.
    For information and ordering you can call (570)437-3330
You will need the following  two things in order to have a finished product made.
1. A drawing-this may be a part that has already been made, a CAD/DXF drawing, hand drawing, or a picture- we can also assist or make the drawing for you.

CAD/DXF    Hand Drawing         Picture
2. The quality you are seeking-
5 is the best, but takes a longer amount of time to cut and consequently is more costly
1 is the least quality, taking less time to cut, and is the cheapest

Click on the picture for a guide of the cutting qualities.

The only things that the water jet is unable to cut, are Carbide and Tempered Glass
Either of these will shatter because they are too hard/brittle respectively.

Stainless System Service- 30 years of building quality equipment and products to FDA, USDA and other necessary standards. We do not cut corners. We build our equipment and products to the highest quality standards with up-time in mind because we realize the equipment we produce is an essential part of your production line or concerns. Our designs and craftsmanship are the most sanitary and easiest to clean. They will pay you back from the second that they begin producing your products. Most of our customers remark on how well the equipment performs and the speed of installations. (We are craftsmen)